About MAEN

The Missouri Alternative Education Network (MAEN) is a group of over 200 alternative school educators in the state of Missouri.  The organization exists to provide networking and collaboration opportunities in order to provide the best educational opportunities for students served in alternative settings. MAEN is a non-profit, led by volunteer board members from throughout the state.

Our Mission

The Missouri Alternative Education Network (MAEN) shares the mission of National Alternative Education Association (NAEA) to provide advocacy and support for professionals who work on behalf of children and youth receiving alternative education services.

The 2016-2017 Areas of Focus

Conference:  Jeff Cook/Sarah Keithley

The conference committee’s job is to plan, organize and facilitate annual conference; including recruitment of vendors, presenters, registration duties and conference location set-up.

Technology: Joyce Stokes / Julia White

The MAEN technology committee provides technological support to all functions of the organization.  The committee plays a major role in communicating and linking members.

Membership: Gaelle Freer

The goal of membership is to recruit and maintain the membership of MAEN through expansion of membership benefits. This committee will be working in conjunction with the technology committee to communicate effectively with the MAEN member core.

Advocacy: Kerry Hesse

To promote the organization at a regional, state and national level through policy and legislative action, including but not limited to communication with national affiliate NAEA, contact with state education organizations such as MASA and MASSP.

Legal Notices & Privacy Policy: 

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