Missouri  AlternativeEducation Network

2017 MAEN Summer Conference

July 16-18, 2017

“Make Education Count”


Keynote Speaker: Craig Boykin    craig-boykin

It is imperative that teachers make education count for ALL students. Across America, Craig expresses to educators that if they were working in a factory dealing with widgets, it would cost the company about $.30 cent to fix one if they damaged it. However, in education, we’re not dealing with widgets, we are dealing with REAL lives.  If we fail to educate these kids, in many cases, they are pushed out into society and funneled into the prison system or worse, end up dead. It is important that educators do their best to reach each student, regardless of their situation and/or circumstances.  In this keynote speech, Craig exposes educators to his challenges as an at-risk youth and gives them techniques and ideas on how to deal with these students in various ways.

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